Old Lyme for Old Lyme!

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First Selectman

Tim is not only a lifelong Old Lyme resident, but his family dates back 14 generations in Old Lyme! Tim has prior experience leading Old Lyme, having been elected to seven successive terms as the First Selectman of the Town of Old Lyme and as the Chief Elected Official, responsible for all aspects of town government.  Tim’s principal areas of focus are preparing and managing the $30 million town budget, negotiating union contracts with two bargaining units, developing and executing capital projects and interfacing with the public concerning a wide variety of issues.  

As First Selectman of Old Lyme from 1997-2011, Tim:

  • Successfully negotiated several union contract renewals

  • Responsible for 38 full-time employees

  • Responsible for preparation of Town budget and its oversight

  • Secured numerous State and Federal grants for Town projects

  • Elected President of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities

  • Appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the CT Resources Recovery Authority by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature of the State of Connecticut

Tim’s experience spans beyond Town management. Tim served as the Vice President of Citizens Bank, managing a diverse portfolio of complex relationships. Tim also served as the Program Director of the Bank’s Manager Program where he:

  • Conducted an extensive call program on areas business to secure additional commercial business

  • Negotiated aggressively with delinquent commercial accounts

  • Successfully overhauled the fee structure of the Bank’s Letter of Credit portfolio

  • Launched and supervised  Business Manager program

Throughout his entire life, Tim has been a committed and engaged Old Lyme resident, serving in leadership positions with the following organizations:

  • Old Lyme Historical Society       Member 1995 – Present; Chair 2012 - 2017

  • Lyme Academy of Fine Arts                         Past Vice Chairman – Board of Directors

  • Florence Griswold Museum                                  1996 - 2005 - Member – Board of Trustees

  • Old Lyme Chamber of Commerce                        Member and Treasurer; Past President

  • McCurdy Salisbury Education Foundation           Member 1979-Present, Finance Committee

  • Lyme – Old Lyme Lions Club

 He is a retired Lieutenant of the United States Navy and Vietnam Veteran (1968-1971). He is a member of the American Legion and a member and Past Post Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Tim is committed to Old Lyme and will always do what is in Old Lyme’s best interest to preserve the unique Old Lyme community. Please vote for Tim Griswold for First Selectman on Tuesday, November 5th!

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Chris is a life-long resident of Old Lyme with a long history of public service.  Chris has served for over 15 years on the Board of Finance and the Planning Commission.  He has also been active in the Old Lyme Fire Department for 34 years. While serving on the Board of Finance, Chris oversaw the completion of two major Town capital projects, the construction of the town salt shed and the replacement of the town garage.  Chris is a small business owner, including real estate appraisal work and construction contracting, with significant financial and management experience. Please vote for Chris Kerr for Selectman on Tuesday, November 5th!