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Thank you for considering a donation to the Old Lyme Republican Town Committee. Your donation will help the Committee further the Republican mission primarily here in Old Lyme, but also throughout the state and also at the national level. The Committee needs your help to promote the principles of the Republican Party and to promote the election of candidates that align with our Party.

Your donation will help us continue the efforts we undertake on behalf of the citizens of Old Lyme at the local, state and federal levels. Our message is as vital now – and perhaps more so – than it was upon the Party's founding in 1856.

Your financial support helps the Committee to communicate its message, its event sponsorships, and news worthy content to Old Lyme constituencies. Your financial contribution –regardless of the amount – is appreciated and will be used efficiently.

Donate by Mail
Please click the link below to download our Donor Form which is in compliance with The CT General Statues section 9-608(c).

Click here to download the Donate Form.



Online Giving Below:

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