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Remember the audit that was supposed to be looking so good? It isn't.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Remember at the debate when Bonnie said she had talked to people at the CT Port Authority and the audit was “looking good”?  Please see attached and make your own determination. Here is the Port Authority audit that Bonnie said was looking so good at the Old Lyme First Selectman’s debate just last week.  It is all good, but gets really good at page 15.  This mess might explain the mess of all of the town initiatives she has led, on top of the obvious ethics “oh my, I made a mistake” about having the Port Authority by $3,300 of art from her daughter.

Gets really good around page 15, but it is ALL a giant mess with people put in charge that just took advantage of us.  NO public/private “authority” makes any sense – including paying three guys over a million dollars to “run” the airport authority that was doing just fine under a $125,000 director prior to 2011. Click here for the PDF! Click here for an interesting video.

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