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 2023 RTC-endorsed Candidates 


Barbara Gaudio.jpg

BARBARA GAUDIO (incumbent) [Unaffiliated]
Term begins 2023

Barbara has been a member of the Planning Commission since 2018. She is committed to fostering sensible development in Old Lyme while maintaining the charm and character of Old Lyme. Barbara also served as a member of the Economic Development Commission.

Other career highlights:

  • Administrator and liaison for a RI Hospital to the NIH for a breast cancer project

  • Project manager for Fidelity Investments, then junior vice president in investment banking program

  • office manager in multispeciality medical practice in Old Saybrook

  • self-employed in the real estate sector for many years, giving her a sound perspective on planning goals.



B.S., Business and Psychology, University of Rhode Island



Has lived in Old Lyme for over 30 years and is married with two daughters who both attended Region 18 schools


Civic contributions:

  • Planning Commission (alternate then full member) for over five years

  • served on Economic Development Commission for many years

  • volunteer at CTK church and Region 18 school programs



DONALD WILLIS (incumbent)
Term begins 2024

Don has been a Planning Commission member for over three years and has been instrumental in keeping Old Lyme current with the changing times, while maintaining the charming character of the town.  He is also a former member of the Old Lyme Inland Wetlands Commission.  Don was a significant contributor to the Lyme Street Rehabilitation Project. 


Other career highlights:

  • DOT Bridge safety, Bridge inspector with the State of Connecticut for 29 years

  • Volunteer firefighter with the OLFD for 20 years



  • Born and raised in Old Lyme; has lived here for over 60 years

  • Attended Region 18 schools

  • Frequent volunteer in OL; cares deeply about the presentation of the town’s unique character and public land use.


Civic contributions:

  • over 20 years as a member of the OLFD

  • past Inland Wetlands Commission member

  • current member of Planning Commission

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